Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mommy Brain - Doing It Wrong?

I just started listening to One Bad Mother.  The hosts are two married straight women who -it sounds like- do more of the workday caregiving for their only children than I do for mine. I didn't expect to have a ton in common with them (big life-choice differences between married and SMC moms), but they're starting to make  me think I'm a weird parent.

In episode one, the hosts have a very commiserate-y discussion about how hard it is to leave the house. One mentioned that even when leaving withOUT her three year old, it can take her five attempts to get out of the door, because she keeps forgetting to take stuff (sunglasses, keys, purse, etc.).


I work four days a week. Bug needs to get to a caregiver around 8a in order for me to arrive at the office on time-ish. We rarely arrive later than 8:15a, and I almost never forget anything. Literally, in nearly two years of this routine, I've forgotten to transfer the carseat twice.

Am I doing this wrong?

I admit to having a diagnosed case of (quoting the shrink now) "mild OCD." I am certainly more of a planful listmaker than the average human being. I recognize that becoming a parent thins a person's mental resources.

But...c'mon. Five attempts to leave the house?

Not sure yet if this podcast is a keeper - I may not be the right audience. : /

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