Monday, October 6, 2014

How Not to End a First Date

TRIGGER WARNING: humblebrag, plus unsolicited advice

I give pretty good first date; probably 70-80% of the time, I'm asked for a second. Great for my ego, but the interest is only occasionally shared. None of this would be a big deal, but I keep getting asked for a second date before the first has concluded.


People, I am a coward. If you ask me in person to go out again, I will say yes. It could mean I want to date you, but it could also be I lack the stones to reject you to your face.

Don't do this. Give your date some breathing room. You may be over the moon, but that doesn't mean your tingles are reciprocated. End the date with a warm thank you and some lingering eye contact, then leave. If you want to go out again, ask electronically as soon as you'd like (forget the three-day rule). That gives the other person room to craft -if needed- a kind, face-saving 'no thank you.'

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